Interested in having a Pool Party at HPE?
Please click HERE for an application!

Email to:  
Hudson Park Estates:

$20 charge for parties of 7 to 13 – no guest fees.  
$30 charge for parties of 13 to 20 – no guest fees.

*Parties larger than 20 people must complete an EVENT APPLICATION.
If you are interested in sending in your PARTY application prior to Opening Day, please submit your application to Hudson Swim Club PO Box 353 Hudson, OH 44236.

*After Opening Day, please send your applications directly to 
Please do not send a "Heads Up" email. Dates will not be approved until the appropriate application and payment are received. 
*All parties must be pre-approved by HPE Pool Manager (Must be turned in one week prior to party).
*Only 1 party is permitted to be scheduled at a time with a maximum of 2 parties per day.
*All parties are to take place under the pavilion. 
*Parties will not be approved until payment is received. Payment must be submitted before your party will be approved. 
*Parties cannot be scheduled during HPE sponsored events or during swim meets.  
*Please, no tacks, nails, or screws to be used for signage or banners.  
*Party times must be within normal pool operating hours.  
*Sponsoring homeowner must be present during the party.
*Sponsoring homeowner is responsible for cleanup of facility.